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Gillian is a New Jersey-based actress, poet, songwriter, and musician. Although this is her first film credit, she starred in Brandi Carlile’s music video for “The Joke” and has a video project coming out this spring from director-editors Fay Davies and Solena Rodriguez. 

Gillian’s musical influences include David Bowie, Madonna, Prince, Kate Bush, Queen, and Nina Simone, among others. Her favorite TV shows are Euphoria, Gossip Girl, My So-Called Life, Glee (S1), and Orange Is The New Black. In her free time, she enjoys caterwauling, writing, and watching videos on politics, the voice, and celebrity. 


as "BUTCH"

Ryan is a seasoned Brooklyn-based actor, writer, director, and musician. He is also a video game streamer (@tallboy_96) on the Twitch platform. 🎮  Ryan has also appeared in several short films including The Stand (2018) and Yesterday (2017).

Ryan’s favorite TV shows are True Detective (S1) and The Office, and his favorite films are Manchester by the Sea and The Dark Knight.




Kevin earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Baltimore and currently owns & operates the NANCY cafe in Station North with his husband, Bill. He is the founder of the James Baldwin Literary Society, a former member of the Association of Black Media Workers, and a current member of the Pink Pistols (a GLBT-friendly firearms training group). 🌈 A former reporter for the Baltimore Sun, Kevin has received multiple writing awards throughout his career.

This actually isn’t his first time appearing on-camera as he recently shot a webseries entitled Charm City and he briefly appeared in John Waters’ 1990 film, Crybaby. 🎬 In his spare time, Kevin enjoys cooking, playwriting, and listening to Gladys Knight and Lil Uzi. His favorite films include Set It OffClaudineThe LandlordThe Godfather, and Scarface.



Despite this being Lamar's very first acting gig, he was a pleasure to have on-set and his positive energy kept everybody excited after a grueling first day of shooting. ☀️ He is an A-student at a Baltimore City public school and his hobbies include football and ROBLOX video games. 🏈 



as "MOTHER" (O.S.)

Shireen earned her Master's Degree in Education from Howard University. She is currently a school principal and member of the Queens Sisterhood Society. In her free time, she enjoys floral design, listening to Outkast, and reading books by favorite authors Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison. 📚


as "SISTER" (O.S.)

Ava Dee is my niece, frequent collaborator, and personal pride and joy. #guncle ❤️💚💙💜 She is now officially a teenager and gearing up for high school! Her hobbies include volleyball, cheerleading, baking, chemistry, and video game design. 🎮 She was also the Makeup Artist for her middle school’s production of Frozen: The Musical. ❄️ Ava currently aspires to be an accountant, like her father, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase. 👨‍🏫🤞🤞

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